Cultural Immersion (IMC) is a family project that has been implemented in collaboration with friends, churches, and other organizations that have the same multilateral objective of supporting and the exchanging of culture, knowledge, resources and experiences between different participants.

In this project we desire to share and understand the reality of the indigenous Guatemalan villages in order to achieve a greater life vision and a better sense of their history.

It is the opportunity of putting into practice our values through the execution of short and middle-term projects in different indigenous communities.



Ephesians 4:23: " And be renewed in the spirit of your mind"


IMC will allow participants to feel the richness that comes from sharing and understanding a new culture. This project promotes the mutual collaboration, exchange, and enrichment between the community and project volunteers. The project splits the potential of every participant between good will and the responsibility of a human being with other people.

In IMC we understand that every mission trip, is a project of mutual benefit, cooperation, teamwork, teaching and learning, and development as much for the community as for the volunteers. It is an experience that allows the achievement of the participant’s world vision, the cultural exchange in the process of spiritual growth transforming the live of the participants.In order to achieve this, it important that those who want to participate can meet and understand the culture, its beliefs, expectations, and political and social conditions.Recognizing and valuing the elements of their own culture and preparing to strengthen and mold them for a new life style.

For this reason, IMC combines the practical work with the spiritual enrichment (working with communities of faith) with the socio-economic and political knowledge for teaching methods, such as discussions, workshops, games, and other didactic activities that allow volunteers to increase their knowledge and to simultaneously act by involving themselves in the execution of a concrete project in an indigenous Guatemalan community.








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